Luce Dipinta presented a projection mapping for the first time on a facade within the Palais Campofranco in Bolzano.

The emblem of the Palace is its monumental ginkgo biloba tree, situated in the center of the piazza, a gift for Empress Elisabeth of Austria, more commonly known as Princess Sissi, from her uncle Heinrich.

A Christmas projection to coincide with the Christmas Market from 25/11/2021 until 06/01/2022 Running from 18:00 and every hour until 22:00. Final show at 22:20.

Three weeks production from concept to installation.
Programmed to run automatically without operation by staff or personnel.

Client - Palais Campofranco / CaDoMa
Event Organiser - bbeventpromotion
Staging and lighting design - AJB Sound & Light
Mapping and Content - Alex Rowbotham

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