Co-operative wine producer St.Michael-Eppan celebrated 110 years in 2017 with a few days of activities including a public video mapping event projecting directly on to the original cantina building, which in itself was 109 years old. Using big sound and a fireworks finale, this show formed part of the larger overall event. The 'story' of this presentation takes the viewer on a short journey through the history, to some of the 30+ countries where the wines are exported to, the many awards and recognition, with a special addition celebration of 30 years of making the Sanct Valentin line of wine, by this South Tyrolean cooperative wine producer.

Due to time restraints and complexities most imagery and sound was sourced from stock libraries. Remaining material and media assets created and/or supplied by St.Michael-Eppan and Stephan Gander the producer of this year's event.

More celebration projections by Luce Dipinta here.


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