Luce Dipinta presented a unique 3D mapping projection 'Revolution' commissioned by the Water Light Festival in Bressanone / South Tyrol. This year it was co-produced with Mapping Mill Ltd., from the UK.

The Water Light Festival invited 24 local and international artists to transform the water sites of Bressanone into a unique light show through creative ideas and conceptual light installations.

The light artists put a new spin on more than 20 fountains in the historical city centre and set in scene the impressive confluence of the two rivers Isarco and Rienza and numerous historic and cultural treasures with different light and artwork installations. Under the motto "Water is life - light is art", a unique atmosphere is created in Bressanone which enables a completely new perception of the old town and its water locations.

REVOLUTION was presented 4 times per hour from 9pm until midnight.

A big thank you goes to Digital Network for their help and professionalism as our technical support, staging and logistics.

The concept centers on two meanings of the word revolution: a very important change in the way that people do things, and  a circular movement of something, for example a wheel, water wheel or turbine. The industrial revolution is also hinted at. These were interpreted by keeping in mind the natural resource of water and power created using water as a source. A taste of the history of energy generation through water

The installation Revolution highlights the importance of producing clean energy and that South Tyrol in Italy does this using hydroelectric plants.


Revolution mapping projected on to a building at the Water Light Festival 2019

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