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Support the Luce Dipinta in our efforts to offer public programming such as spectacular Light Art installations, shows, workshops and artist talks free to every adult and child in Alto Adige.

Between April 28th and May 1st, a group of professional artists, designers, event planners and community members will work with the Lana Lights Festival to transform a part of Lana into an enormous outdoor art gallery for projection mapping animation and spectacular Light Art.

This 4 day event is FREE to the public (residents, visitors and tourists alike) with only part public funding.  We are fortunate to have some private sponsors and partners, but we really NEED YOUR HELP to make huge success of Lana Lights and other events this year, and enable Luce Dipinta to create new projects for the future.

 DONATE €5 or more now, just click to pay using PayPal.Me/lucedipinta

DONATE €5 or more now using bank transfer direct to our account:

Luce Dipinta Multivisioni
Swift-BIC: RZSBIT21015
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Thank you for helping us to run another Lana Lights Festival!

Sabrina Horak
Luce Dipinta Multivisioni

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