In 2013 as part of the Langer Donnerstag in Lana (which takes place each Thursday evening throughout the summer months of July and August), Luce Dipinta presented for Ferragosto (15.08.2013), large-scale projections directly onto a building in Griesplatz, the space above the Oberwirt restaurant. Repeated (with some additions) on the evening of 17th August, it was a show celebrating the Gala apple and marked the traditional start of harvesting in the region. This apple variety is the first to be ready and Lana has one of the highest production.

The show has since been repeated during the 2015 edition of the Lana Lights projection festival.

Sponsors and organisers:

Marktgemeinde Lana, Lana Marketing, Tourismusverein Lana, Raiffeisen, Südtiroler Bäuerinnenorganisation, Südtiroler Bäuernjugend, BioSüdtirol, VOG.

Many thanks for help and support:

Hans Ruedisueli, Hannes Egger, Edelgard Tribus, Renato Lustik and the Oberwirt restaurant.


The video below shows parts of the presentation (rough edit)


Ezio Bossi: Le Notti; Léo Delibes: The Flower Duet - Joan Sutherland; Oceania: Kotahitanga; Rita Marcotullli: G.Continuo; Ryuichi Sakamonto: Riot in Lagos.

More architectural projections by Luce Dipinta here.

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