"Blaue Einkaufsnacht" event in Silandro/Schlanders 10/07/2015. Hundreds of people spent the warm evening enjoying a summer festive atmoshere, late-night shopping until midnight. Highlighted with a large scale building projection in the main square which began at 22:00 as soon as it was dark enough.

Luce Dipinta had approximately 3 weeks to create this presentation, images of the town, it's people and environs used were provided by the municipality of Silandro/Schlanders and from the archives of Gianni Bodini and Alex Rowbotham. The owners of the building were kind enough to make sure all window shutters were closed for the whole evening, one street lamp was turned off for the duration and a flag pole removed. There was no audio used as it was looping continuously until midnight. The projector, provided by Kulturhaus Schlanders, was housed inside an apartment opposite with the kind permission and help of Hannes Weiss and technical support from Arnold Unterholzer.

The show will be remade for a winter/Christmas 2015 edition, this time with audio and timed performances instead of looping.

Special thanks to Karin Meister and Heinz Fritz

Blue Night Schlanders

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