"Ringraziamo Luce Dipinta Multivisioni e Alex Rowbotham per averci regalato emozioni indimenticabili con lo spettacolo di video mapping. Ci avete illuminato gli occhi e riempito il cuore di magia!"

Mercatini Di Natale Rango

Under the motto of “Watch This Space” two of Lana's iconic buildings will be brought to life, the facade of the health and social building Sozialsprengel and the old Zuegg factory close to piazza Tribus. Artists from Australia, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom and Ukraine will transform them in a magical atmosphere. Unmissable moments include a national premiere of saxophonist Matt Cliffe who performs with building projections created by Luciano Laghi Benelli, and a new show titled “Jam Factory – Time to Play” with Andrea Ferroni - undoubtedly considered as one of the most outstanding European didgeridoo players together with an equally talented contact juggler and performer Ed Cliffe. Both will be performing live, seemingly within the fabric of architectural projections.

Performance artist Peter#Kopripiotr#Holzknecht has been invited back again with Alex Rowbotham to present their work “Resonantia – The Anatomy of a Building”. It explores the soul, the ambience and anatomy of the old Zuegg factory building using the sounds, coerced and composed live, with images from the defunct remnants of this once very active factory, they bring the inside, out. Premiered at the last Lana Lights it has since received the honour of “Best video 2015”, as published by the Tageszeitung.

In Ansitz Rosengarten, Lana Lights present screening sessions - AIDAMA (Italian Association for Authors of Artistic Multivision) a selection of works by this very active and creative group, and “Let Loose” a selection of international video and multivision artists, professionals who produce work for the love of it, even without a client. They may be cinematographers, time-lapse photographers, graphic designers, directors, writers, musicians or a mix of these but they are all storytellers and have at least one thing in common - how to use light. Be sure to see this session where talent has been let loose.
During the festival there will be an opportunity to attend a meeting which asks, "How did you do that?" an informal and general discussion of how architectural projections are created.
During Lana Lights 2015 at Jugendzentrum JUX, the Bicinecleta, a mobile cinema, was brought to life during the workshop led by the artist group Basurama, from Madrid. Constructed entirely from recycled materials and with it’s own onboard battery power, projector and audio system, they will use it this year to create interactive painting with light using an iPad as the drawing tool. In the streets of Lana, Meran and Bozen, leading up to, and during the festival. Keep an eye out!

Images for Lana Lights 2017 festival

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